The  Believer’s Network advertisers are Believers in Jesus Christ connecting with other Christians in one accord for unity and strength. The Members and Associates are committed to live the scriptures in the workplace.  As we support other Believers by using their products and or services we assist each other in prospering financially.  With the proper viewpoint (our hearts direction) what we do takes on an exciting direction as we co-operate with the Lord to establish His desire for each of us. The  Believer’s Network provides a way for Christian business owners, professionals and individuals to supply products and services with integrity to others through our Directory. We invite those desiring products or services to connect with our advertisers in the Directory . Regardless of church or denomination the Directory lists ALL Believers for ease in locating desired products or services.  The Believer’s Network Directory Locate that person or company that PROVIDES products and/or services with the utmost integrity. We have a rapidly growing group of business and professional advertisers (Members / Associates) who conduct themselves and their organizations founded on sound biblical principles. Services are available from A to Z. The listings of ministries on this site is not an endorsement of any particular ministry, group or denomination. The purpose is to assist in the location of the ministry that best suits the Christians needs. We (The Believer’s Network) believe a person should always and primarily seek the direction of the Lord in everything they do which includes churches and or ministries. “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world”. ~ 1 John 4:1 At this time various Advertisers in the Business Directory HAVE NOT signed a Statement of Faith and are listed as potential Associates who will commit their business or profession as Believers in Jesus Christ. ONLY Members / Associates (advertisers) are linked to either their web site or display ad!  As we continue to grow, other listings are added to give PENDING Advertisers the opportunity to participate in this Directory.  The listings will not be linked with their website or other info provided.  This FREE directory is provided as a service to the community!
Acts 2:42-47 Ephesians 4:28
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